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Riddle continues!! Lawn mowing is a tedious work, especially if you are not a fit person. If you have a house with a huge backyard, then you have to regularly cut the grass in your backyard with a lawn mower, especially in some of the western countries. Sometimes it take hours to move the lawn mowing machine and cut the grass for the entire backyard. People can sometimes get exhausted from this process if the backyard is big and the weather is hot! Every weekend in the morning, you can hear people mowing their lawns and getting tired and exhausted from it. Sometimes neighbors or teenagers offer these mowing services to people who do not have time to mow their lawns or are too lazy to do it. Can anyone give us an innovative solution on how anyone can mow the lawn without getting tired? $2 goes to the best answer.
  • Noorjahan Binte Farhana
    Noorjahan Binte Farhana I would like to say the general method, where there is no cost, you can raise the kids of 2-3 kid goats, who will eat all your grass, you will also benefit others from that goats.
    May 7, 2020
  • Fatima Ahmed
    Fatima Ahmed Thanks for all your answers. We are reading them and judging on whose answer is the best. We will announce the winner tomorrow!
    May 8, 2020 - 1 likes this
  • Meherun Tonni
    Meherun Tonni Anyone can cut out the grass of their lawn by using smart solar grass cutters with lawn coverage. It is a battery operated system that uses two batteries. one to move the DC motor and the other to power the grass cutter motor. The solar system will work...  more
    May 9, 2020
  • Aminul  Islam
    Aminul Islam Automower or robotic lawn mower can give you more free time as well as free from tiredness, while giving you a great lawn, as like the "Husqvarna Automower". It is most innovative, safety and tiredness consuming automower.
    May 9, 2020