Artificial Intelligence Riddle

  • Artificial Intelligence Riddle 

    Artificial Intelligence or AI is the science of making intelligent machines that can assist human solve different tasks.  For example, OK Google, Siri or Cortana are examples of artificially intelligent assistants. AI technology have many different and specialized applications.  For example, some AI can predict disease, some detect spams, some help customers, some detect fraud and many more. There are many tools by which beginners can also build their own customized AI, such as using Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson, Tensorflow and many more. 

    Our short quiz or riddle this week is: 'If you were to build your own AI assistant, then what kind of AI assistant would you build?  In other words, in what field would your AI technology be applied and how?'

    Please answer very briefly by putting your comment below. This is a quiz, so please give short answers. Winner of this quiz will get $5, runner-up $3. Please write your answer by September 15th, midnight (Bangladesh time). 




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  • Parvez hossain
    Parvez hossain If I were a programmer, I would build a type of robot with AI technology that would install robots in places where the car is moving very fast and the car can move at high speeds and if it is stopped for a while, it can cause economic problems. I used to...  more
    September 14, 2020
  • Maisha Mahmood
    Maisha Mahmood I would build a bodyguard that will assist me everywhere I go.

    I am a 19-year-old girl who often has to fight with some
    trust issues whenever she sets her foot out of her house alone. And that’s all because of the current growth of sexual crimes in...  more
    September 14, 2020
  • Takbir Arefin
    Takbir Arefin Being a credit analyst and a tech enthusiast hand-in-hand, I have always been keen to find out how to blend the innovation of technology into my work. If I were to develop my own AI assistant, I would design it to ease up the process of credit...  more
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