The Science Of Genetic Engineering

  • Introduction:

    Genetics, in biology ,the science of genes ,heredity and the variation of organs being passed from parents to offspring. Many diseases is ultimately goal in developing advances level in the life sciences.Scientists have been making great studies in the field of genetic and genome engineering ,but there is however a long time to go way .Anticipating the possibility impact of organizing groundbreaking scientific exposition into everyday life is essential element of foresting the public's of those public's site.




    Genetic engineering express back to 1953 ,when James Watson (American), Francis Crick (British ), and Maurice Wilkins first  developed a 3D model of DNA .Their discovery expressed the indoor and outdoor to understanding which we identify today about genes and gene criterion in organisms like as plants, animals, humans and etc. The three shared the 1962 Nobel Prize for physiology /medicine.    



                    "  In 1974 Rudolf Jaenisch created a genetically modified mouse,the first GM animal."

    THE IMPACT on the Agriculture factory :

    In response to the growing worldweb population and the tumid demand for food ,scientists tried to improve crop yields by modifying specific genes to induce  desirable traits and produce better potters by improving resistance to insects ,disease ,harsh weather conditions such as flood ,drought temperatures .


    The science of genetic from agriculture have very different way to genetic for organic DNA.Organic food advocates were certainly not in favor of GMO  foods and organic farmers .