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Need suggestions on selecting contributors

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    December 23, 2020 9:16 PM PST

    Hello everyone,


    We heard a lot of complains about how we selected the 10 contributors for the latest wiki write-up project.  Our main goal was to select 10 contributors for that project and we wanted to select them as fast as possible so we could release more projects and move through the system faster.  So, we followed a random system of selecting the first 10 contributors who commented to show their interested on the project. But looks like many contributors were having problems with this method. 


    In the past, we would typically get 60 contributors for the same wiki write-up project.  Having several dozen people writing about the same issue was not convenient and this is not an efficient system in the site. Also, processing 60 similar wikis for the admins was an extremely tedious process as it was overwhelming to read that many wikis and send everyone’s payments in a timely manner. We were basically stuck in one project for a whole month.   To solve these problems, we created a new system where we would select the first 10 commentators who show interest in the next project.  But a lot of people were dissatisfied with that system and felt they were not treated fairly.


    Therefore, we are now opening this forum where we are requesting all our contributors to give their suggestions and advice on how to best select 10 contributors per project.   The following are our new criteria to select contributors per project.   So, when you give your suggestions, please make sure they cover these points. 

    • We will ONLY select 10 contributors per project from now on. Please advice what will be the best technique to choose these 10 contributors in an extremely fast and efficient manner.  Several dozen people show interest in our projects every time, but we want to choose 10 contributors quickly within 24 hours or less. We want to move through each project fast. 
    • We want to give ALL writers (newcomers and experienced) a chance to write in our platform.
    • Please advice how to select the contributors from among the newcomers as we have not seen their writing before
    • We want to give proper credit and value to the talented contributors of our site and not waste our money on the contributors whose contributions are mediocre. 


    Based on all the above criteria, please give us some ideas on how we can efficiently and quickly select 10 contributors for our project from now on.


    We heard a lot of complains about our last selection system!  Trust us, we heard you! That is the reason why we opened this forum to get new suggestions from members. So, let’s not argue, rant and vent our frustrations in this forum anymore.


    Please give us constructive feedback and valuable suggestions to solve this problem. It will be great if you can send your suggestions before 26th Dec, so we can implement any new selection process in the next wiki topic. 


    Let’s help each other out and find a solution to this issue.



    Coolinventor Admins

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    December 23, 2020 9:26 PM PST

    It's a Wonderfull Idea 

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    December 24, 2020 12:23 AM PST
    Dear admins, you can release 6 projects in a month. Then go on with your idea of choosing first 10 who are commenting. For the next 5 projects, these 10 contributors won't be able to join. Maybe only the winner can have a chance to contribute to the next project also. Thus you can divide us up.
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    December 24, 2020 12:30 AM PST
    Or you can release all project titles of a month at a time with different deadline. With this we can choose our most favourite topic. And each project can have only the first 10 or more number of interested people based on first come. One can accept only one project. You can automatically turn off the option after each project reaches it's goal.
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    December 24, 2020 2:39 AM PST
    You can release bulk project in month
    60 person (or whatever) will be divided into 6 groups
    Each group will get chance in a specific time (twice or thrice in month)

    If anyone can do very bad performance, he/she will be muted for next couple of projects/one month
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    December 24, 2020 2:42 AM PST
    You can release bulk project in month
    60 person (or whatever) will be divided into 6 groups
    Each group will get chance in a specific time (twice or thrice in a month)

    If anyone do very bad performance, he/she will be muted for next couple of projects/one month
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    December 24, 2020 2:47 AM PST
    Admi may well know how useful the selection process is through comments. The rule has been made for our convenience but there is a slight problem here. I apologize first if there is anything wrong with my words.
    About 70 percent of the members we work with on this site are students. The Culinventer site is a great platform for those who like writing. Through this site we can express our creativity and we can express our independent opinion on various issues. Selection is done through comments but I think that freedom is being wasted.

    Of the ten people being selected through comments, maybe two will be experienced and if others are new members, but the quality of the project will not be good. Again, if there are about 10 experienced and previously working members through comment selection, then those who have just joined will not be able to work.

    If this can be done, five projects will come to our site every month. Of these five projects, those who will be more interested in the project will only work on that project. One person can work on only one project per month but he will have five project options in front of him. He can only work on the project of his choice.
    This will give everyone a chance to work and the quality of writing in the project will be better.

    Another thing is that if the admins who are verifying our writings hire a few more assistants, the work will be completed on time.

    I apologize again if there is anything wrong with my words. I only expressed my opinion. The admin will be able to say which one will be more beneficial and which will be better for us.
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    December 24, 2020 5:28 AM PST

    I like the idea of choosing 10 contributors for each project. But for this, a simple comment 'Interested' is not enough. You should ask all the contributors why they are interested on that specific project and tell them to write down it in the comment section in a few words. Then make a decision after reading everyone's comment. It's like convincing the admins why I should be choosen as one of the contributors for the project.

  • December 24, 2020 8:32 AM PST
    I think in the comment section , the contributors can write a few lines that reflect their interest to work on a specific project. Based on their comments, the admins can select 10 contributors. In this way, the selection process of contributors would become easier and efficient. Thank you!
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    December 24, 2020 6:17 PM PST
    It is burning question about selection process:
    I have three Ideas so that all can participate:

    1/ wiki writing should be within fixed words so that admin can read easily.
    2/After releasing a wiki contributors will write very very shortly or just will point out on that topic.
    Then, admin will select the best writers, then he/she will write in details later.

    3/Admin panel should be increased
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    December 24, 2020 9:29 PM PST
    I think, Admin would better ask for contributors idea or their main keywords they want to focus to put in the comment section in very small formats ,within 50 words or something like that(not more than 50) . Time period would be 5 hours or something less.

    Reading 60+ writing isn't so easy but reading 40/50 comment is. I thik admin Panel could easily find out the unique idea from comment section and easily select ten members in 24 hours. If one idea is shared by one more contributor, who put 1st counld be chosen for Project.
  • December 25, 2020 1:49 AM PST
    - Release 4 to 5 project each month & select the contributors for each as Admin thinks good to be written by whom.

    - No need to make the selection frkm comment list. It will remain always on controversy. So, better Admin selects the contributor for each project whom the Admin thinks capable of. Thus, neither will have the complain nor anyone will be rejected.

    -each WIKI project should have a minimal word limit for better check

    - Newer contributors should get chances in first project & the older one in next as gradual. Thus, newer gets the inspiration & older does not miss the chances as well.

    In this way, no one will get the chance of missing any project not even of getting all by one. Fairly written by each once in a month.
    Both gets the win-win point from Admin & contributors I think!
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    December 25, 2020 7:41 AM PST

    Thank you everyone for helping us with your suggestions.   Please keep on sending your ideas.  We will wait till Dec 26th for anyone else to share their thoughts and then close the forum.  

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    December 26, 2020 4:09 AM PST

    You can do it in prompt quizzing style. Ask the contributors to take part in the comment section of each of the wiki projects. Tell them to come up with 100-150 words at most describing their plan to develop the wiki. You'll know by the comments whose wikis are going to rock, and who are going to blabber.

  • December 27, 2020 12:13 AM PST

    Since you release more than 1 project each month, Select the first ones who comment. review their work and give them a rating on their profile. These members will not participate in the next projects. For the next project select those from comments and do the same procedure. This will ensure everyone gets to do at least one project each month. Contributors with high ratings will earn better rewards. For newcomers add a blog section to each profile where contributors need to provide writings to be allowed on projects.  Highest rated contributor on each project may get a chance to write on multiple projects each month based on performance.  

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    December 28, 2020 9:21 AM PST

    In my opinion, the 'Beauty' project was a far too common and an easy topic. As a result, almost everyone was able to write about it. If the topics aren't easy and common I guess the number would reduce a lot.