Leibniz or Newton

  • Who invented Calculus? Well, there is a controversy about that! Isaac Newton said he invented Calculus whereas  Gottfried Leibniz said it was him. Both Newton and Leibniz  started working on Calculus around the same time, but Leibniz published his work first in 1684 whereas Newton published his in 1693. Therefore, Newton's friend circle argued that Leibniz plagiarized Newton's unpublished work. 

    Anyway, regardless of who invented Calculus, we know the importance of Calculus in mathematics! People with science and math background has to learn some form of Calculus. People who are NOT math majors know that Calculus is used in many practical ways in physics, chemistry, electricity, heat, light, etc. But HOW? 

    Our next wiki is a very short project about Calculus for people who do not like math, but knows its importance! We want to know what Calculus is and how it can be used in real world to make everyone's life better. Therefore, please write a short wiki article in our Coolinventor Wiki page about Calculus. Your wiki needs to have the following sections: 

    1)  Introduction of you:  Who are you, what is your background and why have to decided to learn Calculus. 


    2) What is Calculus? What are the main forms of Calculus. Describe them. 


    3) How is Calculus used in real life? We all know at a high level that Calculus is used in many fields, such as electricity, heat, etc but we do not know exactly how! Try to show a specific Calculus formula or equation and show us exactly how it can be used in real life! We do not want just general answers. We want to see Calculus equations and formulas and see how you are using it in practical ways in the real world. After all, non-math majors always ask how can Calculus be applied to the world around us. So, today is your day to explain your story!


    Additional tips: 

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    - There is no word limit. Please keep it short and to the point without
    making the readers bored. Try to keep it interesting with good sense
    of humor in your stories!

    - Try to add lots and lots of pictures for visuals and demonstrations

    - For pictures, that you are getting from online, please try to reference
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    - Here is a sample wiki from one of our contributors and you can follow
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