Coronavirus: What is your solution?



    Officials at a street in Wuhan, where a man collapsed and died near a hospital. It is not known if he had contracted the deadly Coronavirus, but it is suspected he may have contracted the virus. - Image Source: Getty Images


    The total count now is 425!  That many have died from the deadly Coronavirus that originated in Wuhan,  China  in December, 2019.  The virus is known to cause dry cough, fever and ultimately pneumonia, which do not cure to usual treatments.  The virus originated in Wuhan, which is located in Central China's Hubei province. 


    But why China?  That is because China has one of the largest population where people come to close proximity to wild animals. In fact, the virus is believed to come from Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, where all kinds of live, exotic and venomous animals are sold.  There have been reports that the virus came from bats or snakes in this wholesale market,  since the virus has similar building blocks as these animals. 


    A Chinese wet market, which is considered as the breeding ground of Coronavirus.  Wet market usually slaughters animals in front of customers, which causes sanitation problems.


    Good introduction, but let's now get back to business!   Up until now, there is no treatment and cure of Coronavirus. So, there is no vaccination to prevent this virus.  For our next Coolinventor wiki project, we would like to hear from our community members regarding the ways to create a Coronavirus vaccine.  So, if you were a scientist, what is the method or approach you would take to create a vaccine for this kind of deadly disease? Please submit your answer in our wiki by February 12th. You can make anywhere between $1 to $10 on this project. Usually, the contributor who comes up with the most convincing method will get $10. Please comment in the following by Feb 5th to let us know if you are interested to work on this project.


    HINT: This is not rocket science. Remember, we are NOT asking you to give the genetic code of the Coronavirus vaccination. Otherwise, we would be  top research scientists at pharmaceutical companies! :)  We are asking for the process/method/strategy by which to create the vaccine, which is a common protocol for every scientist.  The Chinese government has uploaded the genetic code of this virus in a public database. What do you now do with it? Do you test any genetic sequence, DNA, protein structure, do comparisons, or do what to create the vaccine?  Hope these information will help you come up with your own design.  Its all about good research and convincing statement!


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    A microscopic image of Coronavirus - Reuters