Alhambra: The Culture of Tolerance

  • Alhambra: The Culture of Tolerance


    This is the picture of Alhambra, a palace built in Granada, Spain around the mid 13th century. It was constructed at a rare time in history when Muslims, Christians and Jews coexisted and found a common identity which transcended their religious differences.  They were able to live side by side, collaborate and create a highly civilized culture. It was a culture of tolerance and learning which helped medieval Spain to flourish and become one of the most advanced society of its time. 

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    1) What enabled the Muslims, Jews and Christians to coexist and create this highly intellectual and cultural society in medieval Spain from the 8th to the 15th century?

    2) Do you think it is possible to forge a relationship like that in our modern times? If yes, how will that happen? If no, then why not?

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